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About Oregon Mole & Gopher

Our Commitment

At Oregon Mole and Gopher LLC, our mission is to serve our customers by providing proven effective Gopher, Mole and Vole removal. Our team employs the latest most effective tools in trapping and our unique knowledge of mole and gopher behavior to solve our customer critter issues. The traps we use are pet safe and poison free. A technician can evaluate your situation, and will devise the most effective plan of action. We service most of Lane County along with vast areas of Douglas and Linn Counties.

About Oregon Mole & Gopher

Oregon Mole and Gopher LLC is a local family owned company based in Creswell Oregon. We serve the southern Willamette Valley, and south down to Roseburg, with their mole, gopher and vole removal needs. With our hard work ethic and friendly customer interaction we strive to give our customers great service.

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